Afasic regular givingRegular donations are particularly valuable to us as they allow us to plan for the future and can accumulate to significant sums over time. This in turn, provides essential and steady income, which allows us to support more children, and their families.

To demonstrate the impact of regular donations, we’ve created this chart below. As you can see, if just 20 people give £20 per month, that will accumulate to £4,800 in just one year! This is a fantastic show of how a small donation can really make an enormous difference at Afasic.

Afasic - make a regular donation

Set up a Direct Debit now
To set up a Direct Debit online, please click the button below.

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Set up a Standing Order
To set up a Standing Order, simply download and complete the form below and return it to us at the  address listed at the bottom of the form.

Standing Order form (344.3 KiB, 3,495 hits)

Gift Aid
If you are a UK taxpayer, please also fill in and return our Gift Aid Declaration form. Gift Aid allows Afasic to claim the tax back on your donation. This will increase the value of your donation by 25%, at no extra cost to you!

Gift Aid Declaration form (103.2 KiB, 2,804 hits)