Volunteering for Afasic - help children who have difficulties talking and understanding what others say

Thank you for considering volunteering for Afasic.  There are 6 main areas where there are volunteering opportunities.

Fundraising – would be volunteers wishing to raise funds through a variety of means can contact Mark.

Giving us your views – Parents, Young People, Professionals and Others can help us by feeding back comments on our planned or current services. Contact Alison for more information – Alison can be contacted via the Helpline.

Helpline – would be volunteers wishing to work on the Helpline can contact Alison. She will let you know if you are likely to be suitable and guide you through the extensive training programme. Alison can be contacted via the Helpline.

Local parent networks – any parents interested in being a local contact in their area or setting up an Afasic local facebook group should contact Tony.

Publicity/media – parents or young people interested in telling their story for newspapers, magazines, TV, radio or the Afasic website/newsletter should in the first instance contact Alison on the Helpline for more information.

There are very few volunteering opportunities for working directly with children and young people. When these opportunities do arise a notice will be posted on this website.