Afasic - what skills are involved?

The ability to communicate with others involves a surprising number of skills and importantly, the opportunity and motivation to communicate. The child’s age and stage of development must also be taken into account.

The range of skills include:

Taking information in through the senses, listening and understanding

  • Attention and listening
  • Interpret facial expressions and tone of voice
  • Remembering spoken information
  • Recognising the difference between sounds in words
  • Understanding individual words
  • Understanding words in connected speech
  • Understanding what someone means in a situation, including expressions such as ‘ get your skates on’ to mean hurry up.
  • Having ideas about how to respond/what to say

Expressing yourself and responding -this may be through talking, facial expression, body language, signing, symbols

  • Deciding how to respond/what to say
  • Choosing words
  • Putting words together to talk
  • Talking or joining in with a conversation appropriately
  • Making the mouth and tongue movements necessary to form clear sounds
  • Speaking clearly and smoothly without too many stops and starts

These skills can be represented in a communication chain.